Quote Me On This

Homeless Chick

Click on the picture of the homeless person to take a look at the AD Generator by Alexis Lloyd

Bad Advertising is like a Homeless Person

Walk down the street of any major city and the first thing you’ll see are tall buildings, lots of people, some hot dog vendors, etc, etc, etc. But if your not from the city, the first thing you’ll notice are homeless people! The second thing you’ll notice is that nobody else notices these homeless people. You’re looking at people looking at you wondering why you’re making such a big deal about poor people. It’s not what your used to so you take notice and want to do something. But eventually if you stay in the city long enough, you won’t notice that poor, desolate, human life sitting slumped on the street begging you for dollars and cents.
But I don’t care about homeless people. It’s not that I don’t care it’s that I’m more concerned about homeless advertising. That’s right I said it! There’s a homeless problem in the advertising industry! And nobody’s doing anything about it!
You’re probably asking, what makes me so special? How could I know something that experienced advertisers don’t? Well, I’m lucky for two reasons. One, my parents hate advertising. They think it’s “immoral, ridiculous and completely superfluous”. Every time they see an AD they can’t help but criticize it. Strangely this only extends to BAD ADS, HOBO ADS to be specific.
Second, I was lucky enough to find the AD Generator. This is basically a program developed by Alexis Lloyd, as a generative artwork for his Design and Technology thesis. Thank you Alexis Lloyd! The AD Generator captures the random associations used by most advertisers to motvate people to buy whatever it is their selling. It shows what my parents are really against, and that’s manipulation by Advertising. This goes against what I believe in, that is Good Advertising Is Meaningful Advertising.
My advice to you is if you see someone make an AD like this, run up to them and slap them across the face. Then ask them to slap you across the face because you’ve probably made an AD or loved an AD that was Hoboesque. After your done slapping everyone you know or work with, raise your right hand and say it with me, I VOW TO DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO TACKLE THE EPIDEMIC FACING SOCIETY OF MEANINGLESS, MANIPULATIVE, AND IMMORAL ADVERTISING.
After ALL THAT go out enjoy an ice cream, maybe go watch a show, and enjoy the rest of your meaningful day.


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