My Daily Rausch(enberg)

This is a collection of my random ideas. I try and do at least one every day that way I can keep moving forward creatively. It doesn’t matter what form it’s in or how long it took, I just try to experiment in the true Spirit of Mr. Rausch himself.

Lady in Red & Blue Tape

Lady in Red & Blue Tape

This Masked Jewel is a lovely Miss from one of my wall posters. I thought it would be interesting to see what the colours of the tape added to the image. The Red matches the actual colours from the photo, and the blue, well that's for contrast. Extreme, extreme contrast.

My Original Quote

Great idea for a video I had based on the James Bond opening credits in Goldfinger. 😦  It’s too bad I saw the same thing in a new music video by Toronto artist, Drake But hey if someone else used it, it must be a good idea!


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